Thursday, December 11, 2008

Caylee Anthony

WFTV News in Orlando reports this morning of a Young Child found near the family's home. Keep this family and all the families with missing Children in your prayers.



La Reyna said...

I hope the courts give her the death penalty for killing her daughter. I'm getting sick and tired of courts giving white girls who kill their children leniency while severely punish black girls. For example, the Rebecca Hopfer and Tanisha Nobles cases in Dayton, Ohio. Tanisha was given the maximum for her murder while the courts were lenient toward Rebecca, even asking the former governor of Ohio, Bob Taft to pardon her. Her family have connections to politicians and the media painted a sob story of her wanting the readers to feel sorry for her, which they never showed for Tanisha. I'm just sick of the racial double standard. Both Hopfer and Nobles deserve prison sentences.

I pray for Caylee's grandparents as they cope with their loss of their precious granddaughter.

May Caylee rests in peace.

Stephanie B.

Latesa Williamson said...

I definitely agree with you. In light of the release of Samantha Richie, Nicole Richie's mother; the double standard is sickening. Not only do the court systems completely eradicate any memory of the african american children, and parents they ensure that this action is permanent by repeatedly denying appeals, and attempts to clear the name of these mothers (if at all possible). Remember Paris Talley? The daughter of accused mom, China "Microwave Baby Killer" Arnold. The system is a double edged sword in reference to African Americans who are impoverished with little to no resources or education. How unfortunate for both the children, and their parents? Guilty or not- Fair is fair. There is never justice when taking in consideration the 'just deserts model.' It's boils down to who appears before whom. In all, the laws are written in BLACK and WHITE.