Monday, January 5, 2009

Aging Gracefully reports the new oldest woman in the world is Gertrude Baines, an African-American woman. She is 114 years old (born in 1894). She recently cast her vote for Barack Obama and spends her time eating/sleeping. She was a House Mom at a State University before retiring.

I love how women of color age gracefully...thank God for melanin and being naturally tanned. :-)

Take care of yourselves Ladies...

Oh and just because you are naturally tanned does not mean you can go without sunscreen. Take care of that beautiful skin!



Jess said...

she looks fantastic!

La Reyna said...

She still looks so good! As you wrote in your blog, thank God that I'm blessed with beautiful dark skin for 37 years. I hope that I live long as she.

La Reyna