Sunday, March 22, 2009

Love is Patient

According to, T.I.'s fiancee, Tiny, from the 90s R&B Group Xscape shared details of her relationship with Essence Magazine. Here is a excerpt from the article which I feel is amazing.

ESSENCE: What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about you and T.I.'s relationship?

TINY: "That we're not a real couple. They think because we're not married yet and have been engaged for two years that something must be wrong. I know it's a long time, but there are so many restrictions placed upon him now before we can think about planning a wedding. There is so much love between us it's ridiculous, and we like [spending] time together. So the things that people say and write about us doesn't bother me. I know what we have and what he shows me every day and that's all that matters."

ESSENCE: Do you have any words of encouragement for women who might be going through a similar situation as you?

TINY: "Yes. Depending on the situation and the person, you should stick it out through thick and thin—the good and bad times. If you know you're with someone who would give his life for you and is somewhat a responsible better half, then stand up for him. I know my man's heart and because of that I'm going to be everything I need to be for him. Yes, he's made mistakes, but so have I."

"If your man stands up for you and is there whenever you need him, then doesn't he deserve your unconditional love and support? If I know that about my man, then that's the kind of woman I'm going to be for him. I might need him in different ways than he needs me, but if being his woman means loving, supporting and putting his mind at ease, then the least I can do is step up to the plate and be there for him and our family."

Whether or not you believe T.I. continues to get the "milk for free," you have to admit she really loves him and he is blessed to have her. I think she held it DOWN!

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