Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama in Prime Time

Tonight Americans will have the opportunity to see Barack Obama make his case to the country through a prime time television special. There are several media outlets describing his air-time as excessive and suggests that Obama is flaunting--in other words being "uppity." All of these comments are absolutely ridiculous. We all know what usually comes after "uppity" among certain groups in this country. I believe these people are upset over this self-made Black man!

Some of my fellow Americans are upset that Obama has managed to organize a campaign better than the GOP. The truth is that John McCain's sloppy campaign is finally facing the reality of how defeat may feel if he is not able to change voters' minds about his ability to lead the country. Although John McCain still has a chance to win this election, the Obama campaign's ability to buy air-time shows a reflection of impecable marketing, fundraising, and organizational skills.

The McCain campaign simply was not ready for someone like Barack Obama.

Everytime a Black person approaches the brink of success, someone is always there to tarnish their image by labeling him or her as "uppity" and suggest that he/she is out of place. Barack Obama is proving to the American people that our potential and "place" in America is wherever you want it to be, provided you have the courage, strength, skill, and right message.

The significance of the Obama Campaign's ability to buy 30 minutes of television is huge. Americans have witnessed numerous years of air-time devoted to reiterating the status quo and portraying stereotypical images of minorities. But for once, a prominent minority will have 30 minutes to show the American audience an amazing example of a Black person with a positive message. If the American audience tunes in to the networks as expected, millions will see Obama challenge every inferior image of Black people that has dominated the American networks since the invention of television.

Flavor Flav eat your heart out!

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