Saturday, May 16, 2009

Idiocracy Looks Backwards

While at work today I stumbled into one of the most ridiculous conversations I have ever had the unfortunate experience of witnessing. First let me say that, I can understand why someone might not be happy that Obama is president or someone may have chosen not to vote for him last November. All ignorant reasons aside (racism, bigotry, etc) perhaps they are a die hard republican, they don't agree with his views, or they just felt the other guy would do a better job. Regardless of my point of view on the matter, all of these points are valid matters of opinion. After all, you can't know what the future holds. Being weary of the future is one thing, but wanting to go back is a completely different issue.

In this ghastly conversation someone actually said that they longed for the days of Bush? Bush! As in George W. Bush himself. The man, the confusion, the awesome SNL tag lines. I was so dumbfounded I actually asked the individual to repeat himself just to make sure my ears were not playing tricks on me He did and I stood there. It felt like time stood still as he regaled us with his backwards logic. There was talk about Bush caring more about our economy and doing more to fix our foreign relations issues. There was also mention of Bush coming to Africa's rescue and during the Bush administration gas prices were lower. I have never been in so much shock about anything in all of my days.

How, pray tell, does this even come out of someones mouth? That is like longing for leg warmers, acid wash jeans, and that perm you got in 1984 to return after wearing tall boots, boot cut jeans, and a layered bob- you've already seen it in retrospect so you know it's a bad idea. If I even thought it, I would be afraid of saying it if only because my stupidity could show a clear lack of judgement and lead to a whole host of problems.

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